Sunday, June 9, 2013

McKenna by Mary Casanova

McKenna by Mary Casanova is part of the American Girl line. I received this copy as part of a prize package from last year's 48-Hour Book Challenge, so it seems fitting that I am finally getting around to reading it as part of this year's challenge!

Fourth-grader McKenna is a highly motivated young gymnast, but when it comes to schoolwork, she's finding it a little more difficult to stay focused. When her parents and teacher arrange for her to be tutored, she feels embarrassed and angry -- and when her friends on the gymnastics team ask if she's getting special gymnastics coaching when she leaves class, she finds it all too easy to say yes. Can McKenna catch up on her schoolwork, adjust her priorities, and sort out her friendships -- or will something have to give?

As you can probably tell from the description, this book is a little message-heavy. I think kids will enjoy reading it, especially those who share McKenna's interest in gymnastics, but readers outside the book's targeted demographic won't find much to engage their interest. This copy is going to a new home in my uncle's fourth-grade classroom, where I'm sure it will find many appreciative readers.

(Reviewed from a finished copy courtesy of the publisher, received as part of a gift package from the 2012 48-Hour Book Challenge.)

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