Friday, June 7, 2013

48 HBC: The Eve of the Challenge

This weekend, I'm participating the the annual 48-Hour Book Challenge.  Last year was my first time doing this challenge, and I had a lot of fun.  I learned some things, too: this year I am not going to attempt to read any thousand-page doorstops!

To prepare for the challenge, I washed the dishes and folded the laundry.  I chopped up some fresh fruit to snack on, and brewed a pitcher of iced tea.  I downloaded a couple of audiobooks to my iPad; the challenge allows for one, so I'll see which one I am in the mood for when I get to a point where I need to listen rather than read.  I'm all about choices this year -- I have a nice selection of library books (mostly juvenile fantasy), all of my owned to-be-read books collected in one place (well, more or less) so I can easily pick and choose, and some light reading loaded on my Kindle app if I feel like reading in that format.  And of course, if I feel like picking up an old favorite, I can do that, too.

I'll be starting in the morning -- probably around 9:00, though if I feel like sleeping in it may be later.  I don't have much else to do tomorrow, so the bulk of my reading will be done then.  I have to work on Saturday, so that will take a chunk out of my reading time, but I figure I can pick up some hours Saturday evening as well, easily putting me over the 12-hour mark, though I don't think I'll make it to 24 this year.

I'm excited to begin -- are you participating this year?

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