Friday, June 7, 2013

Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson

Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson is the sequel to Newbery Honor book Hattie Big Sky (which I reread before the challenge, and will review later). This review contains some slight, necessary spoilers for Hattie Big Sky, if you're concerned about such things.

Hattie is working hard in Great Falls, Montana, but it's hardly what she wants to do forever. Ever since the newspaper back in Iowa published her short articles about homesteading life, Hattie has cherished a secret dream of becoming a journalist like Nellie Bly or Ida Tarbell. When the opportunity to travel to San Francisco falls into her lap, Hattie seizes the opportunity to make a fresh start -- even though her heart tells her to travel to Seattle, where her dear friend Charlie has made his own fresh start. It's clear that Charlie wants Hattie to come to Seattle and become his wife -- but Hattie wants more out of life than just domestic bliss. And San Francisco beckons, promising to reveal not only Hattie's future, but possibly Uncle Chester's past as well. . . .

I loved Hattie Big Sky and was excited to see what was ahead for Hattie, especially since I was not expecting a sequel. This book did not disappoint! Hattie's exploits in San Francisco were completely believable, but also exciting and dramatic. I knew what I wanted to happen for Hattie, but I was never sure that those things would come to pass, so I was on the edge of my seat up until the very end of the book. I certainly don't want to give anything away, but I will just say that I found this book a satisfying continuation of Hattie's adventures.

(Reviewed from a copy borrowed through my library system.)

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