Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wild Rover No More by L.A. Meyer

Wild Rover No More by L.A. Meyer is the long-awaited conclusion of the Bloody Jack series.

Our girl Jacky has been in some tight spots before, there's no denying . . . but this time, her luck may have finally run out. Her long-time enemy Harry Flashby has cooked up a scheme to frame her for traitorous activity against the American government. While her friends (including Jaimy) work to clear her name, Jacky goes into hiding. She first takes a position as a governess, then joins a circus (to those who know Jacky, the latter is actually less surprising than the former), but she can't escape the long arm of the law forever. Jailed, scheduled for a trial before Judge Thwackham once again, and looking at the all-too-certain prospect of death by hanging . . . is this the end for Jacky Faber?

This is a satisfying conclusion to the series. My only complaints are that Jacky doesn't spend much time at sea in this book (the seafaring books are always the ones that show Jacky at her best) and there's not enough of Higgins. But other than that, this is a nice last book. Most of Jacky's friends from earlier books appear, or are at least name-checked, and the story still feels fresh despite being set in New England just like the previous book. I am sad to say goodbye to Jacky, and sadder still because author L.A. Meyer passed away earlier this year -- but I know that I'll pick up Bloody Jack again, one of these days, and I'll go adventuring with Jacky anew. Oh, Jacky, you wild thing . . .

(Reviewed from a copy borrowed through my library system.)

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