Thursday, November 27, 2014

Death Sworn by Leah Cypess

Death Sworn by Leah Cypess is a young adult fantasy of swords and sorcerers.

Ileni's people and the Assassins have one thing in common: they both long for the destruction of the corrupt Empire. By an old agreement, Ileni's people send a sorcerer to the Assassins' Caves to train those with aptitude in magic. Ileni is the first woman to be sent to the caves -- and also the first to carry such a heavy secret. Ileni's magic is fading, day by day. She barely has enough power for the simplest spells. Without magic, she will not survive long in the caves -- but before she dies, she has an important mission: she must find out who is killing the sorcerers sent to the caves. Two sorcerers have died by foul play in the year before Ileni's arrival -- will she be the third?

Most of the way through this book, I was thinking it was a fairly good YA fantasy: strong female protagonist, bad-boy love interest, a little fighting, a little magic, a bit of a mystery -- but the twist at the end elevated the book from just okay to quite good. It's not perfect by any means (the romantic subplot is relatively weak, and the pacing lags in the middle), but now that I know how it ends, I am eager to see where the author goes next with this story. Recommended to fans of young adult fantasy.

(Reviewed from a e-audiobook borrowed through my library system.)

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