Thursday, June 7, 2012

48-Hour Book Challenge

It's almost time for the 48-Hour Book Challenge!  Since this is my first year of blogging, it's also my first year of participating in this challenge.  Basically, over the course of the coming weekend, I and many other bloggers will attempt to read for as much of a 48-hour period as possible.  My current plan is to start my 48 hours on Friday evening and end it up on Sunday evening.  This year, the beneficiary for the reading challenge is Reading is Fundamental.  I have fond childhood memories of getting books through RIF, so I was excited to see that it will benefit from this challenge.  I'll be sponsoring myself at the modest rate of 25 cents per hour, and if any of you would like to sponsor me as well, please post in the comments.  (If you choose to do so, please donate directly to RIF at the link above.)

My plans for the reading challenge are not particularly solid at the moment.  I know I'd like to tackle a couple of the big, chunky tomes that have been languishing on my bookshelf -- my brother keeps pestering me to read The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, and I keep putting it off because, though I know I'll like it, I just haven't wanted to tackle it since I know it will take a while to read.  I have several books like that, actually -- fantasy, classics, and even YA -- so if I get through The Way of Kings, there are several others I might pick up.  I'll also have an audiobook on hand for a change of pace.

I won't be able to do 48 hours (I'm too fond of sleep, and I do plan to go to church on Sunday), but I'm hoping I'll at least top 24.  This is my first real, concentrated attempt at a readathon, and I'm excited to see how it goes!  I have a few review posts to catch up on before it starts, but I'll be sure to do a starting line post, a few posts in the middle, and a wrap-up post Sunday evening.  Anybody else who's participating, or any cheerleaders watching from the sidelines, I'd love to hear from you!

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