Sunday, June 10, 2012

48-Hour Book Challenge: Crossing the Finish Line

This past 48 hours has been a test of endurance, to be sure.

I've read and blogged for 26 hours and 45 minutes -- well over my goal of 24 hours.  I pledged to donate 25 cents per hour to Reading is Fundamental, and I'll round my total up to $10.  That's the good news.

On the other hand, here's my reading progress:

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini -- read about 30% (started before challenge, finished during challenge)
Homesick: My Own Story by Jean Fritz -- read 100%
The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley -- listened to 22% (started before challenge, did not finish)
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson -- read 91% (started during challenge, did not finish)

So, I suppose I only really have one book completed for this challenge.  Pretty pitiful for nearly 27 hours of reading!  But I'm actually fairly happy with the progress I made on The Way of Kings -- 914 pages is nothing to sneeze at, and I'm at the point where the book has finally started to rush toward its conclusion.  I'll finish it off easily in under two hours of reading, probably tomorrow night.

I've enjoyed being part of this, my first official readathon.  I already have some ideas of how to make the next one better:
- Have on hand a broad selection of short, engaging reads.  While I don't exactly regret tackling The Way of Kings, I do wish I had more to show for a weekend's worth of reading -- and I'll admit, getting through the middle parts of that book was a slog at times.  Next time I do this, I want plenty of options, including some easy chapter books, graphic novels, and fluffy romances for times when my brain is tired and I need a sense of accomplishment.
-Make better use of audiobook time.  I spent a little over two hours listening to my audiobook -- driving to and from church, and fixing and eating supper.  Next year, I want to load the audiobook onto my iPod so I can be a little more mobile, and get out and do something while listening.  Which leads into my next point . . .
-Move around more. Right now, I'm feeling a little stiff and sore from inactivity.  I spent a lot of reading time in bed, actually, because my bedroom is the coolest and most comfortable place in my apartment at the moment (I'm plagued with chronic air-conditioning woes).  Next year, I want to find different places in which to read, and use my audiobook time for staying active.

Thanks to MotherReader for setting up this readathon, and to my fellow 48HBC bloggers for their comments and camaraderie.  See you around!


  1. Middle grade novels saved my reading spirit a couple of times. I could've listened to an audiobook more too.


  2. Oh my goodness - 914 pages of Sanderson is *definitely* impressive! Sloggy reading isn't fun at the easiest of times, so I admire your stamina. Congratulations!

  3. Yeah, I've found that I feel better with shorter books knocked off my TBR list. But a book that big is nothing to sneeze at! Thanks for playing!

  4. Thanks, you guys! It was fun. :-)