Monday, April 30, 2012

Magic Under Stone by Jaclyn Dolamore

Magic Under Stone by Jaclyn Dolamore is the sequel to Magic Under Glass, the author's first novel. I feel that Dolamore's writing has improved since she wrote that first book -- for, although I enjoyed Magic Under Glass, I find Magic Under Stone to be the stronger book.

Nimira has rescued Erris Tanharrow, the fairy prince, from his imprisonment in an automaton's body -- but only partly. He now has control over his movements, as well as a more human appearance, but Nimira must still wind him every morning. In order to find a way to fully break the enchantment, Nimira and Erris travel north to the home of a sorcerer who may be able to help them. When they arrive, they find the sorcerer away from home, but other surprises await them there. Meanwhile, the usurping fairy king Luka has obtained the aid of a jinn, and he is seeking Erris in order to bring an end to the Tanharrow line. The Jinn, though he may be bound to serve his master, has ideas and desires of his own. Will Nim and Erris find a way to bring Erris fully back to life, or will that life be brought to an untimely end?

Despite the fact that a portion of this novel involves the characters waiting around for the return of the sorcerer, I felt that the pacing was good. The new characters were interesting, and I thought the development of Erris and Nimira's relationship was particularly well-written -- there's the fact that they are attracted to each other but can't act on that attraction at all with Erris still in clockwork form, as well as the problem of their different stations in life, not to mention the potential for resentment between the two as represented by the key that hangs around Nimira's neck . . .

This book does conclude Erris and Nimira's story, and readers unfamiliar with this series should start with Magic Under Glass in order to fully understand Erris and Nimira's world.

(Reviewed from a copy borrowed through my library system.)

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