Friday, April 20, 2012

Fever by Lauren DeStafano

Fever by Lauren DeStefano is the second book in, yes, a trilogy. And it's a young adult dystopia!

In this book, Rhine and Gabriel are fleeing from cruel Housemaster Vaughn, but they find that there are many other dangers in the world, and it's a long way back to Manhattan. Even when they return to New York, will they be able to find Rhine's brother Rowan?

I really enjoyed Wither (the first book in the trilogy) though I had some reservations about it. (Here's my review.) I had hoped that some of the issues that bothered me would be sorted out in the second and third books . . . but that's not the case, at least for the second book. I also found that, while I remember the basics of the first book, I had forgotten many of the specific events that are frequently referenced in Fever. I'll probably read the final book in the series to see how it all resolves, but I'd recommend this only to those who can't get enough YA dystopia . . . and I'd probably recommend waiting until you can read all three at once.

(Reviewed from a copy borrowed through my library system.)

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