Friday, September 27, 2013

The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson is the highly anticipated conclusion to the Fire and Thorns trilogy. I'm only going to do a short blurb and attempt to avoid major spoilers, but I make no guarantees. If you haven't read the series, you might want to read my review of the first book here.

Elisa is on the run -- but she's running toward danger, not away from it. Her enemies have taken the man she loves, and she is determined to get him back. Meanwhile, rebellious nobles among her own court threaten to tear her country apart. Can Elisa save both her love and her kingdom?

I love this series beyond all reason, and it's one I know I will reread in the future. The characters are fantastic, the setting unique, the magic system well-described. If you enjoy young adult fantasy at all, please do yourself a favor and read this series!

(Reviewed from a copy borrowed through my library system.)

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