Saturday, May 28, 2016

Evil Librarian by Michelle Knusen

Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen -- The hot new school librarian is not as human as he appears to be, and he's chosen Cynthia's best friend Annie to be his bride when he rules the underworld. Which he plans to do, but not until after the school's production of Sweeney Todd opens, because as everyone knows, demons love Sweeney Todd. Between her duties as technical director for the show and her desperate attempts to save Annie, Cyn has her hands full. Oh, and she also has a crush on a hot guy -- who ends up helping her with the whole demon problem.

I devoured this fantastically fun read in one evening. Librarianship and theatre: what else could I ask for? I love that Cyn is the tech director (and a talented one at that). Definitely recommended!

(Reviewed from an ebook borrowed through my library system.)

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