Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seven Dead Pirates by Linda Bailey

Seven Dead Pirates by Linda Bailey -- Timid sixth-grader Lewis is sad when his great-grandfather dies, but excited when the terms of the old man's will require Lewis and his parents to occupy Shornaway, Great-Grandfather's old house, in order to inherit it. Lewis claims the tower bedroom, pleased to be sleeping some distance away from his controlling (but loving) parents. Lewis is less pleased to discover that the tower room is haunted by seven pirates! The motley crew is hoping that Lewis can help them get back to their ship, now on display in the local museum -- but Lewis is not sure he's the bold and capable lad they're looking for. In fact, he's pretty sure he's the opposite of bold and capable!

What a fun read! I just enjoyed this book all the way through. The pirates are a delight, and Lewis is believable (though he seems a bit young for his age). I'll certainly recommend this to young readers looking for a swashbuckling tale.

(Reviewed from a finished copy, courtesy of the publisher, via the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program.)

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