Friday, June 13, 2014

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Landline by Rainbow Rowell is a sweet, mysterious story about a foundering marriage and a magical telephone.

It's finally happened: a major network has expressed interest in the show that Georgie and her writing partner Seth have been working on since their college days. The problem is that the network executive wants to meet with them on December 27th . . . and Georgie and her husband and daughters have plane tickets for a Christmas visit to Omaha. When Georgie breaks the news to her husband Neal, she proposes rescheduling the trip.  Instead, Neal and the girls go to Omaha without Georgie, leaving her to write scripts with Seth and contemplate whether her marriage is in danger of disintegrating. She'd feel better if she could just talk to Neal, but she's having a hard time getting to him on his cell. In a fit of desperation, she tries the land line (she memorized the number for his mother's house years ago, though she hasn't used it in years). Neal finally answers the phone, but not the Neal who packed himself and the girls off to the airport two days ago. Instead, Georgie finds herself talking to Neal of fifteen years ago, from the last Christmas they spent apart. The Christmas when Georgie thought that he had broken up with her. The Christmas when he turned up on her doorstep after a week of silence with an engagement ring. Now Georgie is inexplicably connecting with this past iteration of Neal. Is she being given a second chance? Is she supposed to save their marriage? Or is she supposed to save Neal from their marriage?

I binge-read this book in one evening. It has all of the charming elements I've come to expect from Rowell's works: lovely writing, great characters, well-constructed plot, delightful touches of humor. This book doesn't have quite the emotional punch of Eleanor and Park, nor did I connect with Georgie on he same level as I did with Cath in Fangirl, but I still love it wholeheartedly and definitely recommend it!

(Reviewed from an advance copy, courtesy of the publisher.)

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