Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Cat Who... Series, books 5-8 by Lilian Jackson Braun

Continuing with my reread of the Cat Who... series, I recently finished books 5-8: The Cat Who Played Brahms, The Cat Who Played Post Office, The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare, and The Cat Who Sniffed Glue. In these books, Qwill undergoes a massive lifestyle change -- he inherits millions from a quirky little old lady and moves to Moose County ("400 miles north of everywhere"). These four books introduce many characters who appear in future volumes . . . sometimes as corpses (hey, it is a mystery series). What surprised me is that I don't count any of them among my favorites. There are titles I'm looking forward to a little further on, but these four, while solid 3.5-star reads, don't exactly set the pond on fire (despite at least two occurrences of arson). It will be interesting to see if the mid-series titles I remember so fondly stand up to rereading.

I do have a slight book-crush on Junior Goodwinter, though. That, at least, hasn't changed!

(Reviewed from my personally purchased copies.)

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