Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magic for Marigold by L.M. Montgomery

Magic for Marigold never quite numbers among my favorite L.M. Montgomery works. Marigold Lesley is similar to many Montgomery heroines -- an imaginative young girl, part of a large and relatively prosperous Prince Edward Island family. In fact, Marigold is one of the least interesting of Montgomery's heroines, in my opinion. Her extended family is more interesting -- Old Grandmother is certainly a fascinating old dame, and I always think there should be more about Uncle Klon and his wife. None of the secondary characters get enough page-time, so they remain interesting but underdeveloped. The real problem with the book, though, is the lack of a plot. Many of Montgomery's books are more episodic than linear, but Magic for Marigold feels to me like a book of short stories. The tales of Marigold's escapades are charming, but I never find the end of the book satisfying. All in all, I'd recommend this only to Montgomery completists like myself -- casual fans can give it a pass, and readers new to this author should certainly start somewhere else.

(Reviewed from my personally purchased copy.)

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