Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer

I like to keep a few light reads loaded on my Kindle, that I can pick up when I am waiting somewhere or have a few minutes to fill. The Regency romance Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer was just such a book.

When Lord Sherringham (Sherry, to his friends) proposes to and is rejected by an Incomparable, he goes out and marries the next woman he sees -- a girl he has known since childhood, and who has adored him for most of her life. Hero (dubbed "Kitten" by Sherry) has spent her girlhood as a poor relation, and is about to be packed off to be a governess when Sherry makes his proposal. Of course, it will only be a marriage of convenience -- Sherry must be married before he can have control of his inheritance. Sherry has no plans to change his way of life at all, despite being married. Of course, he means to give Kitten every luxury, since he's always been quite fond of her. When he finds himself rescuing his naive wife from scrape after scrape, usually because she was imitating some action of his, he starts to realize that marriage is a more serious proposition than he had at first suspected. The big question, though, is what will it take for Sherry to actually fall in love with his wife?

This is just as delightful as any Georgette Heyer I've read. I particularly liked seeing Sherry's character development -- unusual, in the hero of a Regency romance. If you haven't read any Georgette Heyer and are interested in giving her a try, this would be a pleasant place to start.

(Reviewed from my personally purchased electronic copy.)

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