Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cold Cereal by Adam Rex

Cold Cereal by Adam Rex is a zany tale of magic and corporate greed.

When Scott Doe's family moves to a new town because of his mother's work, he little suspects that he will soon be caught up in a plot beyond his wildest imagination. His mother's new employer, the GoodCo Cereal Company, has been exploiting magical creatures for years. By an odd coincidence, Scott is one of a few people in the world who can see magical creatures, though he always wrote off his mysterious visions as hallucinations related to his frequent migraines. When a leprechaun tries to steal his backpack at the bus station, however, Scott starts learning more than he wanted to know about the magical creatures in the world around him, and about the dark side of GoodCo. There are plenty of questions that need to be answered, but the biggest one is, what is GoodCo doing with all of that magic they've stolen?

That's an extreme over-simplification of this novel's sprawling plot. Rex has done a fantastic job of weaving together an incredible number of plot threads, and everything does connect in the end. There's plenty of action -- the audiobook did a great job of keeping me awake on a car trip that, thanks to a major wrong turn, ended up being two hours longer than it should have been. It's obvious that there will be a sequel, though the conclusion of this book is satisfying enough that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, if complicated stories with elements of fantasy, mystery, and action-packed adventure appeal to you.

(Reviewed from an audiobook borrowed through my library system.)

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